January 21, 2017

Hello everybody ! Welcome to my little corner of the internet :) Today's post will be all about clearing up your skin, maintaining the clearness and having a nice healthy glow to your skin!! I hope this helps you out, and if so, follow my blog, and my social media (will be at the bottom of this post!)

TIP ONE : Skin care!
Find a brand that works for you. I use the ' simple' triple action cleanser , and i find that really works for me. I also use a proactive moisturiser . You may have to try out a few products before you find one that is perfect for your skin! here is a little DIY toner you can make that works really well to tighten pores , as well as clearing the skin : mix water and pure tea tree oil (add a bit of rose water if you have dry skin) and put it into a spray bottle. spray on your skin after cleansing ! You want to cleanse , moisturise and tone twice a day (day and night) , do a mask every three/four days and exfoliate every two days !

TIP TWO : Hydrate !
Drink at least 1.5 - 2 litres of water everyday ! Not only will this improve your skin, it is also god for your health!

TIP THREE : Have no makeup days!
If you are a makeup addict like me, you probably find it hard not to wear makeup. but try and have at least a couple of days each week where you wear no makeup ! As it is holidays for me right now, I only wear makeup a couple times a week, so my skin has very much improved !

TIP FOUR: Best skin care DIY's and hacks :

I hope that this post has somewhat helped you , and comment below your go to skin care tip !

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