March 06, 2017

Hey guys , so todays post is extra special, as I interviewed the lovely Sarah Fritz, who is a fourteen year old Youtuber and makeup artist . Her social media will be linked below !

 How did you get started with Makeup ?
I first started wearing makeup because I had (and still have) really bad skin and acne. I was 11 years old when my skin started to get really bad, and no cream or method was working so I turned to makeup. And then when I discovered that makeup isn't just used to cover your imperfections, but it is also used as an art form, I started experimenting with different colours and styles. And from then on, it's my biggest interest. 

What are your goals for your Instagram page ?
 I would like my Instagram page to have as many followers as I have on my YouTube one day, and I would like to have a proper theme! I always try but it never works hahha. I would love for my Instagram to have the same equal amount of traffic as my YouTube, and one day maybe be one of my main platforms since I love taking and editing pictures. 

What is your go-to product ?
 My go-to product is probably the Laura Mercier translucent powder. Cliche I know... but I can't live without that stuff!!! It's so bloody good that if I'm doing my makeup I literally won't do it without baking, I have an addiction!

What is one company you'd love to work with and why?
 I would loveeeee to work with Too Faced or Benefit one day, simply because their products are amazing and their mottos and beliefs on people wearing makeup and what makeup is used for is so inspiring. The fact that both brands support men wearing makeup also is amazing! Even though I'm not a man, I still stand by them and their products! 

What are your 2017 goals ?
 My goals this year is to hit at least 200k subscribers on my YouTube, 50k followers on my Instagram and for my lil squad to grow even more! I would also love to come out with a product of some sort, even merch maybe, but I have a feeling that won't happen hahahha. A women can dream!

Favorite clothing item ?
My favourite clothing item of all time are dresses. I'm a typical girly girl!! I have way too many dresses, but you can never have enough ;)

Where to find Sarah :
SNAPCHAT - sarahfritzzz
SPOTIFY - sarahfrittz


Best of luck to you Sarah, thanks for answering the questions ❤

xoxo , Kayley 

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